How Do I Add a New WordPress User?20210928210145

How Do I Add a New WordPress User?

adminSeptember 28, 2021
We recommend that you do not share your own website login information. Even within your own company, each person should have their own user account. This is the best practice for security purposes as well as tracking changes made on the site. You can easily create a new WordPress user account so that other people [...]
What’s the best way to share your video content? Vimeo vs. YouTube20210917205258

What’s the best way to share your video content? Vimeo vs. YouTube

adminSeptember 17, 2021
Our clients often ask about Vimeo vs YouTube. If you now have videos you’d like to share for your business, but don't know how do you pick the right platform... Our recommendation is to share it everywhere you can! If you have social media accounts for your business like Facebook and Instagram, you should post [...]
Safety Tips for Children on YouTube20200501175518

Safety Tips for Children on YouTube

adminMay 1, 2020
You may be concerned about allowing your children on YouTube. YouTube can be a great resource for content, but can also expose your children to inappropriate content. A great way to handle safety on the internet is to have open conversations with your children about the dangers. Ask them what they are watching, watch with [...]
How to Use YouTube Kids Parental Controls20200430190635

How to Use YouTube Kids Parental Controls

adminApril 30, 2020
Parental controls are one way to navigate the difficulties of allow your children to access the internet. Today, we will be focusing specifically on the parental controls available for YouTube Kids. As a mother of two children, a nine year old boy and a six year old girl, I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. [...]
Five Reasons to Backup Your Site20200421204635

Five Reasons to Backup Your Site

adminApril 21, 2020
Do you backup your site regularly? If not, you definitely should be. Here are five reasons why you should backup your site. 1. Your Hosting Company May Not Backup Your Site Many hosting companies offer regular backups of your site, but not all. Are backups part of your hosting package? If not, it is unlikely [...]
Google Reviews Are Important – Why & How To Get Them20200407060053

Google Reviews Are Important – Why & How To Get Them

adminApril 7, 2020
Why Are Google Reviews Important? Google reviews provide several benefits. With so much competition online, anything that can help you stand out should be used to your advantage. Google Reviews give customers insight into how other customers feel about you. They can also help highlight why you are a better choice over your competition. Businesses [...]
7 Tips for Working From Home20200331221041

7 Tips for Working From Home

adminMarch 31, 2020
Be Productive Working From Home Are you lucky enough to be able to work from home? Whether you are new to working from home or have experience with it, it can be challenging. We have a lot of experience with working from home. Here are ten tips that we find the most beneficial to improving [...]
Learn to Code Roblox Games – Free Online Class for Kids20200319221752

Learn to Code Roblox Games – Free Online Class for Kids

adminMarch 19, 2020
We are excited to announce that we will be hosting free online classes on how to code Roblox games during school closures. When we realized that schools would be closed for weeks across the country, we knew it would be challenging for us and all the other parents out there. Our CEO, Lindsey Krogle, came [...]
Domain Registration vs. Website Hosting20200318173258

Domain Registration vs. Website Hosting

adminMarch 18, 2020
Domain registration and website hosting are often combined services. However, they do not need to combined. If you are setting up a new website or interested in switching hosting, it is important to know the differences between the two. If you think of your website as a house, the domain name is the address of [...]
Does Above The Fold Still Matter?20200314161134

Does Above The Fold Still Matter?

adminMarch 14, 2020
With users more willing to scroll and faster internet speeds, the concept of above the fold is not as significant as it once was. However, grabbing the attention of site visitors by making the most of the space they immediately see is still important. What is Above the Fold? The term "above the fold" actually [...]