Is Your Website Performing At Its Very Best?

It can be challenging and time-consuming to keep up with regular website maintenance. The chance of a poor user experience due to broken site functionality increases without regular maintenance. Also, your site becomes more vulnerable to hacks and malware infections. So loss of potential leads, revenue and traffic are likely on an unmaintained site.

Because of this, we offer website service plans for ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Our website service plans offer a variety of features to keep your site optimized for the best performance. We can also customize the plan to meet your needs and budget!

Don’t have a website yet? We offer website design as well.

Available Features For Our Website Service Plans:

All Service Plans Include:

24 Hour Response Time

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

3 Business Day Turn-Around

We will begin your request within 3 business days of your approval.

Emergency Services

Site emergencies are addressed quickly by an experienced developer.

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Available Features For Our Website Service Plans:

Page LoadtimeSite visitors expect fast load times. We check how quickly your site loads for your visitors and provide a score each month for how well your site is optimized.
Regular BackupsRegular backups are key to keeping your site secure and functioning properly. We will set up backups to ensure that you always have a recent backup of your site.
Broken Link DetectionBroken links can affect your search rankings and cause a poor user experience. We scan your site every month and identify both internal and external broken links.
Software UpdatesSoftware updates are an ongoing part of website maintenance. We update your software monthly, including backups and QA so you can focus on other priorities.
Contact Form TestingContact forms have many potential breaking points. We submit a test submission on your contact form each month to make sure it is working properly from start to finish.
Uptime MonitoringGet peace of mind with our monitoring service. We will monitor your site 24/7 and notify you immediately if your site goes down. Custom monitors are also available.
Hosting ManagementCesis is a great theme and this is a great dummy text filler
E-Commerce TestingBe sure customers can purchase products successfully. We verify the checkout process from adding to cart to processing the payment.

Our Process


This call gives us the opportunity to discover what maintenance and monitoring needs you have. We can explain the features we offer and create a website service plan that works for you!

Service Plan Agreement

You will receive the service plan agreement based on our consultation with you.

Service Set-up

Once we have an agreement in place, we will begin the set up process.

Monthly Reports

You will receive a customized report at the beginning of each month that highlights the work that was done and provides recommendations for improvement, when applicable.

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