DK Web Development wants to ensure that your website functions and looks as promised, so we provide 30 days of extended service after site delivery as well as webmaster services to help you maintain your site over the long term.

DK Web Development’s extended service guarantee covers code and graphics developed by DK Web Development. The extended service guarantee covers errors or omissions by our staff for 30 days after the site is delivered. Our extended service guarantee does not cover code that has been altered by the customer and/or 3rd party applications. Changes requested to content provided and approved by the client is outside the scope of the extended service guarantee and will be billed at the client’s hourly rate.


Display issues on most browser types (e.g. Internet Explorer and Firefox) and devices (Android, Ios).

Picture Updates – Editing of any pictures that are not displaying properly on the website

Text Updates - Editing or removing text on the website

Functionality Issues - Fixing any broken site features that are within the scope of the original contract, including, but not limited to, forms, images and links


Changes to existing Meta-tags, Alt-tags, Titles, Keywords or Page Descriptions

Systems that were not developed by DK Web Development

Requests that are out of scope of the contract, such as layout changes, new functionality, adding new fields to forms, etc.

Errors with hosting and domain service


We offer several options for ongoing webmaster service after the site is launched. Learn more.